Monday, 30 May 2016 13:12

Shiatsu Facial Rejuvance

Rejuvance, which is based on the same Oriental principles as Shiatsu, is a new and effective facial that rejuvenates naturally to make you look your best. DEMONSTRATION DAYS ASK FOR DETAILS It is an effective way of eliminating the signs of ageing. It is a deeply relaxing, gentle massage that freshens your face and benefits mind and body. It smoothes away wrinkles and brings a glow to your face, unlocking tension, working the connective tissue, and strengthening the muscles. It can also benefit Bell’s palsy, paralysis or partial paralysis of the face as it also works on the meridian and nervous system, promoting a better flow of vitality and circulation. The treatment initially comprises of six sessions, each lasting approximately one hour.   SPECIAL 7 treatments for the price of 6

Valerie Dobson is a qualified Shiatsu practitioner a member of the register of the Shiatsu Society, and is qualified to…
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