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Shiatsu, which is sometimes called the Japanese physiotherapy, can help a wide range of specific and more general conditions. It is a deeply relaxing experience, and regular sessions help prevent the build up of stress in our daily lives. An hour long session is £40 Shiatsu can help alleviate: • backpain • headaches • whiplash injuries • joint pain and reduced mobility • menstrual problems • digestive problems • sports injuries • depression It relaxes the mind and body, restores and balances energy, eases tension and stiffness, and improves breathing, posture and circulation. Shiatsu strengthens the flow of energy or Qi to help restore vitality and ward off disease, allowing the body to balance and heal itself naturally. The word “Shiatsu” means finger pressure.   SPECIAL 7 treatments for the price of 6


  • Price: From £40
Valerie Dobson is a qualified Shiatsu practitioner a member of the register of the Shiatsu Society, and is qualified to…
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