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Reiki is an ancient art of bringing wellbeing to the physical, emotional and mental levels and it works in the aura, the electro-magnetic protective field around each of us, which is an energy system feeding in to the physical body.   Reiki works through energy channels called 'meridians' and 'chakras' which are energy points along the spine to reach all levels of need. It can also be applied remotely.   It brings deep and sustained relaxation and is particularly helpful for those who are stress-prone, suffering injury or trauma or who are in rehabilitation after an operation.   It is also a wonderful growth tool for those who are keen to expand their awareness of the harmony and rhythm of life.   Reiki is non-manipulative. It does not necessitate movement of the body and the client remains fully clothed throughout. It promotes deep relaxation, and, like massage, is best undertaken when a period of rest follows the treatment. Present research shows that Reiki is particularly effective in strengthening the body before surgery, post operatively to help restore energy levels or to modify and change addictive behavior.   BENEFITS

  • Expansion of awareness
  • Deep relaxation and balancing of the body


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